At Veldon, we do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

We are a small elite team that always gets the job done.

We work with the best and it's the teamwork we enjoy with our clients that adds something special into our business.


  • We want to work smarter, not harder.

We deal with opportunities and issues as they arrise. We listen. We think. No big decisions should be made straight away and analising your requirements and consulting a solid plan of moving forward is our fisrt step.

We are always here if you have a question. And we always come back with any other ideas and solutions that we think could help you.

Relationships are our golden standard. For us, success is measured by positive experiences, not the bottom line.


  • Quality over Quantity

We always prefer quality over quantity and we opt for smart (and simple) choices. From our office space to the services we offer.

The bottom line is we care about what we do.



Expertise and Knowledge

45 years in the Engineering, Welding and Fabrication Industry gives us a unique knowledge and understanding of the customer's requirements to be efficient and competitive in today's challenging market place.

We provide a complete range of services from Welding Engineering,to Robotic and Manual Welding guns and Capital Equipment, Tig Equipment and Torches, First Step Automation, Repair Services of Equipment & Torches and a raft of other services.

If you don't see what you require, please ask.

Our Partners and Clients

With a reputation for being experienced, reliable, methodical and passionate, we have been trusted by some of the largest names in the business.