MT135 Master Spatter Shield - The better way of anti-spatter!

  • The product is compatible with all of the welding gases:
    • Carbon Dioxide , Argon, Argon Based Mixtures, Helium, Hydrogen, etc
  • Applicable in the welding of:
    • Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Hard Facing,etc
  • The System may be tuned according to the various requirements of levels of diffusion hydrogen.
  • It is easily mounted on any existing manual, automatic or robotic MIG/MAG welding system.

Our technologically advanced system differs from all others because it provides a more user friendly application, superior performance and real time protection. The system reduces the unwanted spatter on the welding consumables, work piece and any jigs or tooling that are used in the production process.

Accurate delivery system controlled by a combination of the shielding gas flow and the fluid regulator to ensure that the gas nozzle and contact tip are efficiently protected and the cleanliness of the welding cell is improved.

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Protecting the Shielding Nozzle is a technique that comes in all shapes and sizes from the various manufacturers.  Spray on ceramic, ceramic nozzles, chrome coated nozzles, no touch reaming systems, magnetic spatter removal and of course the most common and popular method, anti spatter spray on the Torch Service Center.  All these systems have there merits and of course preferred users.

Simplistic systems are quite often overlooked or receive bad publicity because they do not appear complicated enough.

The MT135 MASter system is a simple system that can be applied to both manual and robotic mig welding applications.  The operation is quite simple in that the co-developed anti spatter liquid is delivered in real time along with the shielding gas.

The delivery method already exists therefore no additional power supply or monitoring is required.  The anti spatter liquid is converted to a fine mist or fog caused by the pressure and agitation of the liquid as the shielding gas passes through the liquid and is drawn into the delivery pipes by the venturi system on the MASter unit.  The shielding gas flow is split with a controlled volume passing through the liquid and the remaining passing through the venturi.

The gas reunifies after the venturi with the liquid carried along as a mist to the delivery point exiting the torch through the diffuser and as a result the nozzle and the weld area receives protection in real time from the spatter that occurs during the welding process.

MT135 Master device is fed with a working fluid (MASter fluid). The fluid represents a mixture in specific limits of hydrocarbons /natural or petrol distillates/, mineral oils / natural or petrol distillates/ and corrosion inhibitors. The working fluid in the device is dispersed in the welding gas in the form of a shielding anti-spatter mist, via the passing of the welding gas through it.

The Anti-Spatter liquid (fluid) is designed to be able to form a mist with the necessary shielding properties,which have to be transited from the welding gas to the outlet of the welding hand piece, in a stable condition. It is accepted that, during the welding process, the anti-spatter mist creates a slight condensation on all contacting surfaces in the arc burning area. This condensation is evaporated by the heat of the welding arc and by the impacts of hot welding spatters, but a new condensation is simultaneously formed from the constantly incoming shielding anti-spatter mist. It is considered that the above written, including the fact that the welding spatters contact with the shielding mist during their flight, does not allow them to stick to these surfaces. The process is continuously resumed.