Wire Wizard

Wire Wizard

Create an optimal connection between drum (or coil) and the welding robot with the Wire Wizard welding wire transport products; and wire defects belong to the past.

The extensive Wire Wizard programs contains among others wire feeding systems for both reels and drums, wire feeding cables, rapid couplings, ceramic lead-through, orbital arms, cones, hoist and transport means. In short: a complete programs of components with which you can largely increase your robot productivity.

Eliminates wire skid friction & enables longer conduit runs!

The innovative new Wire Wizard Guide Module® system uses a series of rollers with bearings to allow the weld wire to “coast” around bends and corners in the conduit, eliminating the points of high friction that occur in these areas. By eliminating this friction on the wire, it enables considerably longer conduit runs of 100 feet or more, allowing the wire package to be centrally located. Each 45° Guide Module may be connected to additional modules to form turns of 90°, 135°, 180° or custom turns within the wire dispensing system. The Module may be mounted directly on the drum cover, on the weld cell or in-line. Two sizes are available, a standard Module that covers most welding applications with wire up to 5/64“ (2mm) and a large Module for wire sizes over 3/32” (2.4mm). Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous wires, such as aluminum.

  • Eliminates friction on the wire in areas where bends/corners are necessary throughout the wire dispensing system
  • In product testing, the Wire Guide Module turned POUNDS of pull force at the feeder into OUNCES!
  • Allows long distance conduit runs of 100 ft+
  • Increases life of the conduit by reducing friction
  • Considerably less expensive than alternative methods of eliminating friction on wire over long distances, such as roller-style conduit
  • May be mounted to the drum cover, on the weld cell, or in-line - full selection of installation parts and accessories available (see below)
  • Compatible with both ferrous & non-ferrous wire
    (excludes damage caused by industrial contaminants)